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District # 1 GSR Meeting
Resumes September 8 at 7:00PM via Zoom
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Service Meetings For Area 85 District 1

Our AA area service work in Thunder Bay has four main committees. The meetings times are listed below. You are welcome to come and observe any meeting. Most committees are always looking for new members so please inquire by emailing the contact person.

1. Round-Up Meeting
First Wednesday of the month 7:00PM at Lakehead Intergroup
Contact: area85roundup@gmail.com

2. District # 1 / GSR Meeting
Second Tuesday of the month 7:00PM at Lakehead Intergroup
Contact: ourarea85chair@gmail.com

(Note: Our geographic area of AA is called Area 85. The Thunder Bay section of that area is known as District #1. GSR means General Service Representative)

3. Lakehead Intergroup Meeting
Third Wednesday of the month 6:30PM at Lakehead Intergroup
Contact: lakeheadintergroup@gmail.com

4. Archives
a) Archives Committee Meeting
Second Thursday of the month 5:30PM to 7:30PM at Lakehead Intergroup

b) Archives Filing
Fourth Thursday of the month 5:30PM to 7:30PM at Lakehead Intergroup

Archives Committee is looking for volunteers.
Please contact the chairman if you are interested.
Contact: area85archives@gmail.com

Self Support Challenge
Area 85 Challenge
Let's Step Up (see poster for more information)
Let's Help GSO 7 27 Idea Flyer

Online Meetings in Remote Communities
Remote Communities

Changes & Updates To Your Group

If your group has moved or changed meeting times, type of meetings or changed accessibility, contact the Area 85 Registrar. If your group has elected a General Service Representative or Alternate General Service Representative, please contact the Area 85 Registrar.

If your district has elected a new District Committee Member or Alternate District Committee Member, please contact the Area 85 Registrar.

This information is used by Area 85 to update the Area 85 Confidential Contact List and update the database at the General Service Office in New York. The General Service Office also puts out a directory that shows where and when Meetings are in Canada and the United States.

The two forms are available on the Area 85 Website by pressing the Registrar tab.

There is now a NEW electronic form that can be sent directly from the website.
Go to the Registrar tab to view and fill out the form.
If the electronic form is used there is no need for the paper form.

Once these forms are filled out please send them to: area85registrar@gmail.com