AA Northwestern Ontario
Area 85

Below is our new form if you have any changes to your group. All fields on this form need to be filled out before it can be sent. If a field is missed an error message will come up, so check your information again. Once all af the information is correct and you click on the submit button the page will clear all fields. It might be a good idea to print the form before you send it off for your group records. This information goes directly to Area 85 Registrar, Secretary and Website. If the electronic form is used there is no need for the paper form.
Electronic Group Information Change Form

There is a new form available for groups to change their information with Area 85 and the General Service Office. (click on the link below)
Printable Group Information Change Form

Below is a form for registering a new group.
New Group Form

Here is a new form that can be filled out when there is a DCM change in your district.
DCM Change Form

When these forms are completed please forward them to the Area 85 Registrar at the email address below. If you have any questions about these forms or when you have completed any of these forms they can be sent to the Area 85 Registrar.